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Child Education in Islam

Education can be interpreted as phenomenon and activity. Education as activity mean effort which consciously designed to assist someone or a group of insider develop life view, attitude to life, and life skill, both for having the character of practical  and  bounce, and social. While education as phenomenon is discovery event between two people or more which  its impact is expanding  a life view, attitude to life, or live skill at or some one , the second, this meaning must be according to]  Islam values and teaching steming from Qur'an al and Sunnah ( Hadist). Silahkan didownload disini

In islam education of child is very required. because child represent nex generation which can continue parrent fellow aspiration. At the same time become expectation to religion and nation in developing. And this matter is needed child to  not brought to habit do bad so that earn  him self.

Child Education in Islam
Child Education in Islam is very important. In our Al-Quran discover how Allah narrate Luqman message representing education form to its childs. So also in Hadist Rasulullah, we meet quite a few education forms to child, either from his deed and also comand educate child directly.
A educator, teacher and also parent shall know that they have the big job to educated they childs.
Allah says in Holy Quran :
O ye who believe! save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is Men and Stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who flinch not (from executing) the Commands they receive from Allah, but do (precisely) what they are commanded.. ( At-Tahrim: 6)
" Behold, Luqman said to his son by way of instruction: "O my son! join not in worship (others) with Allah: for false worship is indeed the highest wrong-doing."." ( Luqman: 13)
For that  unavoidably, a old fellow or teacher have to know any kind of which must be taught to a child and also how method which have been led by  Rasulullah, there are:

Inculcating Tauhid and Real correct Aqidah to Child.

Its cannot be denied that tauhid represent the basis for Islam. If someone has the good tauhid, he will get safety eternity and world. On the contrary, without sure him tauhid fallen down into syirik and will meet accident in world and also eternity in hell. And to defin Allah in child we can make  good communications  with child, saying soft word and make the good example for them.
Rasulullah SAW. says : " love small fry and love them…:" ( H.R Bukhari)
 " Whose Goods have moppet, he shall partake to go into childhood effect ."
And attending Allah buttonhole through routine activity.Like when us sneeze to tell alhamdulillah. When us give pocket money say that the money is from Allah, and have to be expended better like buying bread. And anather that we can Exploiting religious momen Like together in Sholat, tarawih with in ramadhan, tadarus, and having dinner together. And Making an impression on positive about Allah and defin the nature of Allah goodness. Don't tell " wait angry Allah if you lie" but tell " downright child is Allah darling. And the important one is Behavior Education, inthis case Hadits from Ibnu Abas Rasulullah say "… come near your children  and educate their behavior." And Rasulullah SAW say:  " Order yours children to  shalat when them have seven year and beat them if leaving when them old age ten years, and dissociate their bed." ( HR. Abu Daud)

Be kind to parents
From other side settled belief, which must be inculcated by parrent to child to be kind to parents. Don't beat or hurt physically,  saying " ah" just as deduction to its good desire not  we may conduct because that thing very hearting them.
And going into effect  goodness to parent remain to may not impinge tauhid principle which must  adhering Allah is above anything, and if comand desire of parent  oppose against rule of Allah, hence comand and desire  that is we may not fulfill, but remain to have goodness to them. To be kind to parents have very important meaning in life  human being, religiously at old fellow, insya Allah a moslem will be obtaining benediction in life because Allah of ridha to it, and  when irate someone by its old fellow, hence Allah nor  its of it.

Hold Responsible In Doing
Hold Responsible In Doing to all of what people doing because all what has done by human being there will be its  eternity or there its reciprocation, good charitable will reciprocating with and kindliness ugly charitable will be reciprocated with badness.
And anather that we must  devining ethics to child  Fulfill requirement its emotion Whith expres emotion pass a good way. Avoid to express emotion by is harsh, is not decent and is not wise. Give saying love fully, that child feel that he get support.
Hadits Rasulullah SAW " Love small fry and love them …:" ( H.R Bukhari)

Target Of Islamic Education
The target of Islamic Education is its form of human being as Allah slave. So in Islam, education shall make all human being slaving to Allah. such slave is have religious service  to Allah. Islam want human being to educated so that he can realize the target of its life as which have been marked with lines by Allah. Target of that human life according to Allah is have religious service to Allah. Like in Allah says in az-Dzariyat : 56 " And I create Genie and Human being except so that they have religious service  to me".
So we can say that Islamic Education Target is :
1. Target related to individual, including change which is in the form of knowledge, society behaviour, spiritial and corporeal behaviour and ability which must be owned to live in world and in eternity
2. Target related to society, including society behaviour, individual behaviour in society, change of society life, enriching experience of society
3. Target of professional related to teaching and education as science, as art, as profession, and as society activity.

From above solution, hence earning writer conclude that nucleus target of islamic education is form of human being as Allah slave. Become according to Islam, education shall make entire/all human being slaving to Allah. such self slave is have religious service  to Allah. And its must begun from child period. So islam have the big attention abaut child education.

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