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There are so many claimed from anyone who has profession as a teacher, in front of the class. Teacher has to be creative in arranging and teaching science that the transfer of science may be run according to the prevailing rule and to keep the students from being bored.  Finally, the students become more known, understand and then, they become persons who can master, develop and analyze the science.  However, they are not only required to merely  teach science, rather they have to  be skillful  as a keeper of moral that their students   never make shame, and even  if there  is a student who  makes a misconduct,  or makes a taboo, or failed to study  science,  it  is  the teachers that are frequently  considered to  fail and  neglect due to they  have  produced the students  without quality personality. Their science even is not adjusted to as expected.

    The overload of any teacher is complicated by the other obligations   that should be related to the duties of any teacher for certain objectives or interest either collectively or individually.  Therefore, their time of teaching is often disturbed. Political, administrative and bureaucracy business and even various intervention that often spend a longer time. Of course, as a consequence of the intervention, independence of a teacher becomes often disturbed, including in determining the success or achievement of any student, they become doubt. Moreover, if any political intervention that coercive to have attitude or behavior according to a certain song. We  all,  of course  unknown it, especially  prior to the   generation election either nationally or  locally, the teachers  are persuaded and  served  and even some of them are pressured and threaten  repeatedly,  if they reject it, they can feel sad, and pain.   There is also an administrative  duty that spend time,  by which the teachers are considered like  a part of the  bureaucracy  that have to be silent for the  actual  regulations  that are  largely not required in real world.  
    The load of teacher is more concerned, due to some of the teachers must teach a subject out of their skill or discipline, and even some have to teach several subjects consisting of various fields. They have to receive the duty because the lack of teachers.  It is realized that the  circumstance  will not   produce  a  quality  learning-teaching  process, but at  least,  a school  and the students  will be benefit, for example,  use sago if  honey  is not available use sweat potato if  cheese is not available,  use  offerings if  quality  drug is not available.
Although  a teacher has a hard duty,  many of them who have passed and ready to share their sciences without  coercion and full of  spirit and  love, full heart, with one goal of making the students to have science, to realize the quality  learning  process and  making  an  improved education.  They have noble morality that are proper to imitate, honest and reliable and make their students more motivated and triggered.
    However,  we have to care to the life of the teachers that  is still concerned  moreover those who  still  honorees  with uncertain monthly salary, and even some of them have salary  less than   hundred thousand rupiah,  and even the payment is not  in time.  However, it is not meant that fate of teachers in spite of honorers are more improved. Indeed, some of them can buy jewelry, and their houses have been plastered, and even some of them have car.  However, some of them also are concerned, they live in bamboo houses, they have to do any work to accommodate their daily need, to become craftsman, sewers, or repairing shoes.  If they are sick or need some materials for their children to study, they often borrow some money with a risk of shame. 
Thus, it is a proper that   many  who select   profession of teachers,  not  for  call of their spirit,  but  due to  their failure to  seek  a job anywhere rather than unemployed   with the dark fate, it  is better to be teachers. The most important is the income to wait any week or month. If the applicants of teachers experience such a circumstance,   it is not wise to expect them to offer quality science because these teachers   only seek something to fill their pocket.  You should not expect them to produce alumni who have   improved   and modern insight or thought because they have no special goal to achieve it. 
     Thus, if you wish to be a quality teacher to realize the quality education, the best way is to reduce load of a teacher, including their psychological and economic load, listen to their heart and improve the prestige by improving their standard of life. So that they  become  more independent in sharing the science,  reading book, and  having  a chance to study and  never disturbed  to work out of  teaching  profession. In fact, there has been a certification ensuring the benefit that the life load will be accommodated.  However, not all the teachers are automatically helped due to the certification process is so complex by which they are expected to be patience to wait.  
    Therefore,  in holding the anniversary of teacher,  we  expect  that all the teachers  either  those who are coerced to  be teachers or who  are honest to  dedicate themselves to  teaching  job, stay to be honest teachers and  have attitude and behavior  that are   never doubt to do the best.  Although  they often feel  sad,  pain, with the  dumb lip,  bored,  and full of  risk,   and when the  bureaucracy  job  always wait, stay to be  true  teacher   likes an arrow  to go ahead.  Don’t be shame to contest, to be ship, moreover to be hammer for requirement of a certain group, stay to be professional, independent teacher without never subject to any persuasion. In the case of uncertain welfare,   please be patience, we should never to be parasite that have no shame to corrupt the money of people to satisfy their pseudo need. 
Please to be a source of science who successfully release any student from the pressure and oppression and should not be concerned to the formal and tight or rigid aspects.   Please to be a teacher who  continuously  learn then become a countless source of water,  the  more  is taken, the  cleaner  is water and  make  any eyes cold   and  fresh for any one who drink  it.  Please to be a teacher who is always yearned. Please to be a teacher likes a diamond for our nation.

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