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The compulsory school is one of the program which is intensively emboldened by Department Education Of National (Depdiknas). This Program oblige every citizen to go to school during nine year at ladder education of base, that is from class storey one of Elementary School (SD) or of Islamic Elementary School (MI) till class nine of Junior High School (SMP) or of Islamic Junior High School (MTs).
As we know with, Education represent one aspect is necessary for development of nation. In consequence, most of all nation place development of education as especial priority in national development program. certifiable human resource, which represent education product, representing key efficacy of development state.

In a pure Islamic family, parents are responsible for the best possible growth of their children and offer an unconditional love that compensates for the weaknesses of their children. The character of parents is a role model for children through which they learn the basic values and principles which they will carry with them throughout life.
Allah says in Qur’an "We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents: In pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth. The carrying of the child to his weaning is thirty months. At length, when he reaches the age of full strength and attains forty years, he says, "O my Lord! Grant me that I may be grateful for Your favour which You have bestowed upon me, and upon both my parents, and that I may work righteousness such as You may approve; and be gracious to me in my issue. Truly have I turned to You and truly do I bow to You in Islam."
The Muslim father is also responsible for his child's training and education. Before traditional education, parents are responsible to teach their children Quran Recitation with translation. Concerning this, the Prophet (S) said: A father gives his child nothing better than a good education. (Mishkat, 4977, transmitted by Tirmidhi and Baihaqi)
It the responsibility of parents to choose right Islamic School for their Children for better education. The children, in turn, respect their parents as the source of their very being, as their teachers, and as the ones who have laboured and sacrificed for their sakes. When they are grown, they should be responsible to care for their parents in their old age. These relative responsibilities should not be undertaken as a matter of duty, but rather emerge from the spontaneous promptings of parental love and the children's gratitude and respect.
The Mosque is a centre of almost all activities of an Islamic Society. It is used as a place of worship, as an Islamic School for education, a judicial court with Islamic laws, and a government centre for making political and administrative decisions.
It is not only a symbol of their identity but also a refuge to protect them from evil. The Muslim community has always been attached to the mosque throughout history in some way or another. Mosques gained a special place due to a distinctive character of the Islamic faith, that is, Islam requires that its followers shape their lives on the principle of obedience to Allah.
As a centre of education, Mosque is a place where all forms of educational activities take place. Muslims are taught Quran Recitation and Qur'anic verses are explained by the Islamic scholars. In past, Islamic education was delivered by informal method of teaching, but later on it was organized into a systemized method. Grand mosques in Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo, and Nishapur, remained famous as centres of learning.
The Companions used to memorize and record the sayings of the Prophet within the mosque. In one of the corners of the Prophet's mosque, there was a raised platform that served as a central place of student activity for those interested to know about faith, worship, and other matters.
The Compulsory at the age of nine program of background overshadow from Program appearance Is obliged to Learn six Year in the 1984. Then in the 1994 passing Inpres Number 1 in 1994 improved to become Program Obliged To Learn Education of Base 9 Year. Matter this means that every Indonesian child which old age 7 to 15 year obliged to follow To education of Base 9 Year.
Initially, Department Education of National (Depdiknas) will be complete of program is obliged to learn (wajar) 9 year at education of base (SD and of SMP) slowest at 2008. But in the reality Program Obliged to Learn 9 year targeted by Department Education of National reached for 2008 threatened fail. That all happened because still to the number of constraint faced in its management, barbed specially accessed education which still relative lower, and also its quality of education, in this case include energy of education, facility, defrayal, management, student achievement and process still lower.
To be complete of obliged to Learn 9 Year, beside giving of other subsidy or fund, there is BOS. Aid Operational School (BOS) represent One of the compensation fund to lessen society burden, specially impecunious society, in defraying education. And One of the fair complete effort 9 year, for example adding energy accommodate at Junior High School (SMP) and of Islamic Junior High School (MTs) by developing new school unit (USB) in area which not yet owned Junior High School (SMP) or Islamic Junior High School (MTs) and add class room to area have Junior High School (SMP) or Islamic Junior High School (MTs),
In fact the target of performing of program obliged to Learn 9 Year, expected by the amount of broken child of school (drop-out) can be minimal as well as one of the strategy to increase quality of education in Indonesia complete and also obliged to learn which do not only representing effort so that child step into school, however school with study system which with quality. But lower participation him some of society group in supporting obliged to learn, as effect of existence of geographical resistance, cultural and economic social of local society result this program is pursued.
Related to that all as good society, We have to follow participation or join in  supporting obliged to Learn 9 Year in this case. Because this program very good to improving society responsibility and awareness to generation future router of nation which with quality and also strive to educate life of nation

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