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Islam the Peacefull Relegion

Islam the Peacefull Relegion
(An Essays to Answer the Accusation of Violance)
          Conceptually, The main doctrine in Islam is stressing For peace tought. Islam it'self  mean peaceful, secure, safe and surrender to the god as indicated in every last mentioned of ritual prayer. It mean that the Moslem have an obligation to uphold the safety and peacefully to whole of human being. It also a symbol that the last estuary of Islamic teaching is peace. But in the Islamic history, the concept is not running as well as the reality. The trace of Islamic history pointed  to the contrary.

In the beginning of Islam, the war happened, more than six wars were followed in prophet of Mohammed's  life. Wars also accured in chaliphate era.  In the beginning of Abu Bakar's governance, war took place between Muslim because of abusement some of tribes to do zakat. It well known as zakat rebellion. Event the three chaliphates; Omar bin Khattab, Osman bin Affan and Ali bin Abi thalib were killed terrifically cause of political dissension. 1
Many violances were also happened as long as Islamic dynasty accured, especially in the order of Umayyid and Abbasid dynasty. The violances not  only physically but also intellectually. The intellectual violence accuring for the thinkers who were suspected eliminated the power of a regime as what happened to Ghaylan al-Dimasyqi and Al-ja'd bin Dirham who argued that the authority of chaliphate not only on Quraesh clan as the Sunni and Si'i's understanding. but also for all of Moslem who was elected to get the authority based on musyawarah (agreement).2
          The violence of political also was terrify and horrible. In Umayyid dynasty regime-Yazid bin Mu'awiyah-  cutted the head of Husain in Ali off and carried it to the palace plaid as like as football game. This presedent wellknown as "karbala tragedy" . In Abbasid dynasty, Akbar S Ahmed descript it as the effort of abbasid 
Millitery   to coup  the  Ummayyid regime: "oneday when  Abdullah was general
millitery to coup the Ummayyid regime: "oneday when Abdullah was general leader of     Abbasid    millitery   invited   the 8 leaders   of   Ummayyid   to   dinner  in

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summer Juny,750 M in his house which was located in Jaffa. When the 8 invited
men was having dinner, they were captured and stabbed with sword by Abbasid's soldiers where the servants spread of a plaited mat on their boddies which were wriggle and the other guest still have dinner nicely.3
           These presedent gave the black image that Islam was a religion which is legally allowed Moslem to do violances and spread it based on the violances. Latter on, it came simbol, Islam was spreading by sword as the some of the orientalist said. Surely, this slogan should  be dinaid by view of scientific argue. We have to say that the idealism of Islam out of violances. Islam and Moslem are two term different. We cannot say, the deed is representative of the a religion tought cause the all of religion in the world stressing for peace, include the Islam it'self. But sometime the followers missintrepretate it.
In the prophet of Muhammad's life, the wars intended to uphold the justice and equality  equality of human being and defends of them self, revealed by qur'an Q.S:4:75: "Why don't you fight in a god way and defend the weakhuman consiting of men, girls and children who whole were praying: Oh our God, save us from this country where the citizen treat us so cruelly and give us your protector and blessing". And also in verse : " Do fight in a God way for those who fight you (but) do not be profuse, because God dislike to the copious". 4
There are lot of causes why the harshness and terrorism commonly happened recently in the the world. The Moslem people realized that the revenge of crussed made the trauma each other. And the feeling seemly kwnown and reputed  by the action of the Europe contries in handle the problem of Islamic countries. In this case, United state tends to side with Israel felt by Moslem as unfair and unjustice.
The political foreign of united state always damage the prestiges of Moslem countries. The political unjustice exploded the anger of  some Moslem to fight and  share jihad  to the interes of  westworld life. More  and more, the harshness always
accured between west  and  Islamic  countries,  especially after bombing tragedy of
accured between west and Islamic countries, especially after bombing tragedy of World    Trade   centre   September-09 -2001. The hurt feeling, make some Moslem
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yelled the fighting to the westcountry as jihad as their opinion.   They  look  for  the  primordialism identity by depicting again the religion values. Unfortunetly, the values tend to show the identity and simbol not soul of values expressed by good conducted.
Based on these fact, we can conclude that the harshness in religion because of revenge not motion of the religion it'self. Thus, subjectivity can change the undersanding of religion from goodness to badness. The harshness and terrorism were done by some Moslems indeed unsuitable with the principle and the Islamic teaching because killing someone without right as if as killing all of human being. Al-Qur'an said: "In the other, who give someone life as if as giving life to all of human being "(Q.S: al-Maidah: 32) .5
 The terrorism  in the name of Islam that recently happened causes many factors. The main dominant factor are the difficulties of economic Islamic world globally, education, job, and shallowness of religion. But from those factors, the shallowness of religion is the top one influence because someone event has poverty of economic but having good knowledge of religion does not do the terrorism.
The deed of terrorism usually related to jihad but the term of jihad in Islam indeed has wide meaning. Jihad can be intrepretated as our daily activity, not only identifically for a war but also controlling the passion and desire, as our prophet Mohammed said in his hadits: “we have just comeback from the trivial war to the big war?”. Someone asked him:” What do you mean by a big war’?. He answered: “The big war is fighting your passion and desire”.
In Islam, The faith related to ‘amal us-sholihah’ (good deed) which is should be reputed by good action and avoiding bad deed, such as terrorism, corruption, collution and manipulation. Running on teaching the whole of principle of Islam perfectly (kaffah) can be done by doing of the principle of balances (tawazun) and standing in the middle (tawassuth) and tolerance (tasamuh) till they have friendship not the hostility taste to the out of their group. It mean that Islam gives an appreciation the different among us. It can be seen and imitated how our prophet Mohammed designed The Madinah country full with the tolerance and harmony.
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