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 There is controversy and misunderstand will mean jihad., by assuming holy war, this is picture one who do not understand principles in Islam. While the term fight is Qital, is not Jihad, The term Jihad interpreted with war if condition and situation menacing the continuity of people life many; like attack and threat from outside.
As for Jihad meaning  is to battle with seriously according to Islam is syariah. Basically its meaning jihad word is to " struggling" or " effort very seriously , non war in meaning " physical . If jihad interpreted as " struggle for the religion of", that do not have to mean physical struggle, but struggle uphold Islam syariat . So that jihad shall be done/conducted by each; every moment , as long as life . Both for concerning person and also to importance of society toward better.

During leadership of Muhammad and the four guided Chalipahs example history that Ash Burn before sending team to bear arms against Romawi team, giving message at its team , as elementary ethics in action that is
-           Don`t  collaborate : when will face enemy don't betray comrade in arms regressively and run from war.
-          Don't  be excessive : don't conduct action at will to enemy if have surendered.
-          Don't  break a promise : if have given security guarantee to enemy do not ever disobey him
-          Don't  chop up dead body : don't do conduct dissolute to enemy dead body.
-          Don't kill moppet, old fellow , and woman; do not be agreed to do conduct torture and maltreatment to all one who have is old, women and childrenDon't burn tree, cutting away or slaughtering livestock animal except to be eaten
-          " Don't burn tree, cutting away or slaughtering livestock animal except to be eaten; don't annihilate all food-stuff and source in sustaining life joints..
-          " Don't disturb Expert Buku people which is ing; do not be agreed to fight enemy which in pursuance of religious service, and also force to embrace religion of islam to enemy.
Jihad conducted for to run especial mission of human being that is up hold Religion Allah or take care of Religion remain to straighten, in the way of matching with struggle order all Propet and Al-Quran. executed by Jihad is Propet is to missionize human being to leave Polytheism and back to Allah order, sanctifiesing soul/ head, giving instruction to Human being and educate human being so that/ to be in line with its creation that is become Allah Leadher on earth .
Execution Jihad can be formulated as follows " At personal self context - trying to clean mind from teaching influence besides Allah with spiritual struggle in self, doing Allah comand and avoid the prohibition order  " Community - Try Din to at society about/around and also family remain to straighten with mission and clean them from Polytheism " Sovereignty - Try to take care of eksistensi Governance of state from external attack, and also betrayal from within so that/ to be calmness and orderliness  have religious service to at people in the power region remain to awake the including in it Amar Ma'Ruf Nahi Munkar execution ( executing all mandatory in Allah and leave all which is prohibited). This Jihad only go into effect at governance using Din Islam as its life view and base
Terrorism cannot be categorized as Jihad; Terrorism is action and understanding using terror as technics to reach target, what is early from trust stream fanatism form which later;then turn into murder, both for done/conducted alone and also by an group to considered to be power is enemy
 As for reason of done/conducted by war is Rasulullah because of by brutality of Quraisy clan which impinge rights live Muslimin clan residing in Mother ( including hijack of estae properties of Muslimin clan and also expulsion). Allah have said in Al-Qur`An Annisa letter : 75
“And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)?- Men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help!"(QS.4: 75)
On that account, grouped by movement is terrorism if owning marking as follows " Representing group - small group, militansi and discipline inculcated to pass/through indoctrination and train " Having a purpose politics, but doing/conducting deed of kriminal to reach target " Heedless of norm - norm going into effect, like religion, law etcetera " Chosening target generating high psykologis effect to evoke have cold feet and get wide of publication
War on behalf of straightening of Islam but do not follow prophet order cannot be referred as by Jihad. Prophet uphold Islam begin from nonviolence mission, migrate to peaceful region and accept Rasul mission, later;then realize an society which is Islami, what aim to uphold Power of Allah in universe
 Contradiction terrorize to pass/through suicide have been drawn in a sentence in Al-Qur'An and hadist. Allah say in An-Nisaa ; 29
And shahih hadis which is history by Imam Bukhari and Imam Moslem, Muhammad say, " Whomever suicide by using an appliance / way of in world, hence he/she will be tortured in the same way on doom." ( HR. Bukhari)
 Thank you for all attention, suggestion and criticism which may improve the quality of this paper.

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