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 The fact that the interest of pupils, students teacher and lectures in Indonesia is still low is something that we must realize and be our problems in educational sector.
Taufik Ismail one of the famous cultural observer in Indonesia who had observed some primary school in ASEAN countries. Said that Indonesian pupils in primary school can not read and write properly. This fact is underieble especially after International Education Achievement (IEA) also report that school pupils are in the 26th grade of 27 countries that had been researched.
The research was conducted by IAEA in 1992. When the economic situation grow well mean while the purchasing power of society was good enough. It means unability to buy books and other knowledge source as many after complain is unreasonable. Then when this nation was shocked by long multidimensional crisis.

Even many families was in a sufficient condition, so we wonder what is other reason that caused Education people in this country has so little interest in reading.
So far, teachers and Educational practitioner are the ones who can be blamed easily is that true and appropiate? as far as we know there is a lot of element that related one another which influence the succesfull of Educational good in this country namely government ; management of Education sistem curriculum, budget, tools, buildings and teachers as the most important Element.
We don’t want to are give to decide who will be blamed. At least because teachers and Educational practitioner are the ones that get in touch with such problems more often so it is no wrong if we try to analyze this matter about how far is the teacher interest in reading, affected their pupils students of university or college and Indonesian people interest in reading generally.
If there is positive correlation between them, it means this issue must be handle seriously as fast as possible, in order our Education will not getting worse and worse able to solve the current demand and the latest situation which more globalize and more competitive.
For a teacher, Reading and writing must be a priority because it links with profesionality in teaching image if everytime there always new inventions and knowledges. If our teachers are not found of reading it is imposible for than to give their pupils adequate information that eventually must be practised in field of work by their pupils.
There are some problems that slow down the rise of interest in reading and writing for teachers which we must examine it thoroughly and solve viz :
1.      Generally for Indonesia people interest in reading and writing is not a need.
2.      The inadequate ability to read and write of teachers in Indonesia is influenced by orally tradition.
3.      The lack of reward for teachers who have adequate capability in teaching how important is the ability in reading and writing.
4.      The lack of good reading materials about the problems in reading and writing both subtance and methodology that can be acsesed by teacher.
5.      LPTK curriculum is not support to solve the problems.
6.      The income or maybe salary of teachers is still in low.
Teachers have an abligation to have high interest in reading in order they can broader their appearance more profesional, they also must increase their skill in writing. Skill in reading is needed to find, understand and defines written information which found in teks or document. Mean while skill writing is a skill how to express ideas, information through writing. The same as reading, writing also needs to be practised intensifly in order to make perfect “practise make perfect”, whenever we never practise their skill continuallly. It is doubtful in whether they express their minds in written form that can be read and analyze by other people.

Considering how important is the skill in reading and writing for teachers, so the urgent priority to be implemented nowadays is to socialized love reading and writing programs to teachers, of course we have to anticipate every constraints that had occurred for along time and trying to handle it.
This matter can be done if only every sector in education matters working together, for instance : the government give the free book packet or launch a policy that can depress the price of books so the price of the books and other reading materials can be reached by consumer especially teachers.

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